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Yayinonline Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is a site of, and is a web broadcasting site that hosts many radio and TV stations. is located at

Yapi Kredi Plaza E Blok, Second Floor
1. Levent, Istanbul 80620 TR

We have several surveys that collect information about our users. We promise not to rent, sell or give the information you provide to anyone else without your explicit permission. This information is used solely to evaluate and improve our Web site. We use the data solely for internal marketing and sales efforts; it is never shared with third party organizations or made available to the general public. In some cases one of editors may send an e-mail to answer questions or provide information.

The information is stored on our web server but is not publicly accessible from our web site. It is e-mailed directly to an sales representative.

Any visitor who prefers not to provide this information online, or who would like to make corrections, can contact our department directly at


This site is published by Eksen Yayincilik, Dagitim ve Dis Ticaret A.S., dedicated to communication in the public interest. The materials presented herein are for information purposes only. We have not screened each individual, or organization, that appears on this site or that is electronically linked to this site. The appearance of an individual, or organization on this site is not intended as an endorsement. We urge all users of this site to conduct their own investigation of any products or services identified herein.

Contents of this site, including all site and section names, logos, other graphics, organized listings, presentation strategies, interface design and other design elements, are covered by trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual and trade property rights, held jointly or separately by and Eksen AS.

All rights are reserved. Advertisers and contributing writers also may hold rights to some material. Material on this site may not be copied, mirrored, cataloged, displayed simultaneously with another site or otherwise be re-published, in part or in whole, nor may any of its sub-programs be accessed from any page other than a page without the express written consent of the appropriate rights holder. Use of this site contractually obliges each user to these terms.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to

The names " (TM)" , " Yayinonline (TM)" and " (TM)" obvious derivatives or combinations thereof may not be used to identify any similar services. seeks to actively protect the privacy of users of this site by attempting to block access by e-mail spiders, by never divulging any identifying information about users, and by never using identifying information in deciding which advertising messages to display.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please e-mail at


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